Website Launch

site Inc. is proud to announce the launch of our official website. As a trusted online retailer of components for smart phones and tablets, it was time to expand our business and provide our valued customers with a hassle free, cutting edge user experience. Serving the retail industry for years has provided us with valuable experience and insight into what you, the consumer is looking for. In 2016, LCDtronics pledges to deliver that and more. specializes in…

Replacement Parts

Offering replacement parts for i phone & android devices. Competitive price points, quality components and expedited shipping are just some of the factors that have helped us attain Power Seller status on eBay. Our team is dedicated and available to answer any questions you may have regarding the particular i phone or android part you need. With years of experience assembling and repairing devices, we understand the importance of quality and turnaround time. Quality & Quantity is what differentiates from the run-of-the-mill distributors.

Smart Phone & Tablet Repair

In addition to the online store, set to open shortly, will be offering a unique service allowing retail shops to send in devices by the dozen and get them back in operable condition. One dilemma many retail shops face is figuring out to do with all the broken devices and components they’ve accumulated over time. While certain parts may seem unsalvageable, with the proper equipment and knowledge, these parts can actually be disassembled, fixed and reassembled. This is a missed opportunity for many retailers, fully assembled LCD displays and digitizers online can cost as much as a new phone with a contract! With an initial investment, repairing devices and recycling components can be extremely lucrative and profitable. We are excited to offer this program to retailers in the 48 States.

Whether you are a college student fixing a phone or two for extra income or a high volume shop with a retail location, stay tuned for valuable articles, how-to’s and case studies that can help you take your business to the next level.

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