Prior to shipping, all assembled screens are tested for digitizer/touch functionality as well as image display. Pixel perfect is the the standard. Don’t settle for less.

INDUSTRY EXPERTISE is more than a name you can trust. It’s a name you can rely on. Our highly knowledgeable staff has over 5 years of experience installing & assembling LCD screens.


We live in a world where everything seems to be disposable. And it's even worse with technology. You obviously want to have the latest models of smartphones, tablets, computers, or even TVs. However, you just can't afford to keep getting new ones every year. This is the sad truth for most of us. Nevertheless, this doesn't mean that they will last forever. Sometimes things just get broken. You may break your mobile phone or tablet by accident. Or your button volumes stop working. Or your camera isn't taking great photos as it used to take. So, what should you do

At Inc, we can help you solve these problems and make your gadgets last. We only deal with which makes our quality stand out among the industry. We have all mobile merchandise you can need.

Whenever your LCD screen of your smartphone or tablet breaks, you can come to us. We can provide you with all the material you need to put it back to work in no time. We have a wide variety of parts that include digitizers, fully assembled LCD screens, flex cables, front and back cameras, adhesive pads, volume buttons, and more. So, all you need to do is to get in touch with us so we can deliver what you need. And at, you have two options: we can either deliver the material to you for you to assemble, or you just bring us your gadget and we will take care of that for you.

Why should you choose, Inc instead of any other company?

There are many companies out there that also offer you LCD screens for your smartphones and tablets. Some with lower prices and others with higher prices. What makes us different?

There are two things, in particular, that make LCDtronics stand out among their most director competitors: the quality and the price.

* Our Quality:

We are a mobile refurbishing company and we take both the quality of our products as well as our clients satisfaction very seriously. This is why we only use high-tech machines to deliver products that work.

When you just broke your Phone screen, for example, and you ask us for the material you need, we won't simply send you the LCD screen. We will also include one upper left-hand corner heat pad, 2 flex cable adhesive cushion pads, and 1 "U" light adhesive sticker so the LCD screen stays perfect, plus one light sensor plastic holder, and one front camera plastic holder.

* Our Prices: Despite we only work with , this doesn't mean our prices are high. Quite the opposite. We know and understand that you need to have your smartphone or tablet working and that you cannot afford to buy a new one. And you also understand that you get what you pay for. If you take a look at different companies, you might find similar equipment at a much lower price. The only problem is that it probably won't last since they are not . You can actually get a good LCD screen. However, the stickers won't hold it and as soon as you realize it, you'll need to pay for another screen again. And we can assure that won't happen with any product you get from, Inc.

There are mainly 5 reasons that justify why you should.:

1: You know how your smartphone worked so well before you broke it. And this has to do with the quality of the components. So, if now it's broken, you need to fix it. And the best way to fix it and to assure that you'll get your smartphone as well as ever is to get the component.

#2: The quality is better...

#3: They are more likely to have a warranty. Again, this has a lot to do with the company's reputation. When a company knows they are selling a good product, they don't have any problems offering you a guarantee.

#4: They will last longer. When you pay a higher price, you usually get a high-quality product that will last more. Obviously, you can have another accident with your smartphone or tablet.

#5 At, Inc, our main goal is to provide you with high-quality components that will make you happy. And this is why we can even make the assemble for you in case you are interested.



Community Oriented.

We believe in empowering retail shops all over the globe by offering wholesale prices,industry insight and most of all, quality components. We give you corporate wholesale prices with the personable touch of a local business.


Attention To Detail.

Our team can recognize quality parts and listens to what you have to say. Delivering exactly what you need, when you need it for a price you can afford.


Fast & Reliable.

Time is money, which is why we make sure your order is shipped the same day we receive it. Your parts will arrive in a timely manner so you can run your business the way it should be run..


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